“Together” - it’s back!  

Our UK-China AMRI 14th Research Workshop, with Polymer Process Engineering, PPE’24 is due to be held in the University of Bradford, from Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th January, 2024

A temporary web site is here.

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Beijing - 1st Research Workshop, Nov 2011Beijing Research Workshop, Nov 2011 AMRI - a journey together

The UK-China Advanced Materials Research Institute is a virtual Research Institute for the leading researchers in UK-China collaborations in polymer-related materials, based on the RCUK-Bradford Science Bridges China and EPSRC-Bradford Global Engagements platform.

This site provides an introduction to our activities and resources for our members.

Please see our latest Polymer IRC Strategic Links with China book (download here) which contains many pictures and information about our activities.


10th Anniversary celebration of the UK-China AMRI

‘Heartfelt Thanks’, 

held 18-19 May 2022

we are grateful to all our colleagues in the UK and China, and around the world, for joining with us online in this and previous meetings, which have helped to maintain the spirit of our AMRI community.  We now look forward to rebuilding together.

Two Top Awards:

Great honour: China International Science & Technology Cooperation Award presented to Prof Phil Coates by President Xi Jinping and key Chinese leaders, Great Hall of the People, Beijing 8 Jan 2018

see fuller details in a pdf here

China 70th Anniversary Medal to Prof Phil Coates, September 2019

presentation by Chinese Ambassador Xiaming Liu, September 2019:

CCTV interview with Phil Coates, 28 January 2018

CCTV interview with Phil Coates, 23 October 2017 

our most recent Research Workshops include:

August 2019

11th UK-China AMRI Workshop

30-31 August, Chengdu 


September 2018:

P70/10th UK-China AMRI Workshop

18-20 September, Bradford - see website here - and the wide-ranging photobook here


July 2017:   

PPE’17 and 9th UK-China AMRI Workshop

25-27 July, Bradford - see website here


Dec 2016:

Newton Early Career Workshop

British Council Newton / NSFC  Early Career Workshop on Healthcare Technologies for Aging Populations

6-8 December, 2016   Chengdu

please see details here, including Researcher Exchange bids

Our 2015 Research Workshop was 8-10 September, 2015 Bradford UK - again in association with the PPE international conference, and the British Science Festival

launch of the UK-China AMRI, April 2012 in Chengdu:  Directors Prof Li Guangxian, Vice President of Sichuan University and ProfPhil Coates FREng, Director of the Polymer IRC join hands to begin this new collaboration

Please also check our RCUK- Bradford Science Bridges China website for more information concerning this platform for advanced materials healthcare research.

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