About us

UK-China AMRI board members at the launch

People Bridges - a community for research excellence!


  • Researcher Exchanges between member laboratories are proving to be a major driver for developing AMRI, for sharing research skills, and particularly for helping develop joint publication.
  • Conference presentations  We aim to have joint international conference presentations to demonstrate our collaborations (such as those developing through Researcher Exchanges)
  • Joint Publication There is a clear aim from researcher exchanges and other activities under Global Engagements to have joint journal papers.
  • Joint International Laboratories
  • We promote the concept of joint international laboratories.  The first of these is the Bradford-Sichuan Joint International Laboratory for Polymer Micro Processing; other such laboratories are the subject of ongoing discussions.
  • Workshop meetings - Building a Community: 
  • Our Research Workshops have been most successful, each building on the previous one.  We are developing a better understanding of each other through these meetings.     Our research workshop meetings therefore differ from the Science Bridges China open innovation workshops, which are aimed at bringing partners together for a specific project.   We believe that the development of the academic community is important in showing the increasing research capacity and capability of AMRI.  We also believe that it is important that our Workshops evolve to meet current needs.
  • Industry links
  • We welcome industry to be involved in our meetings, as possible research collaborators, to allow exploration of their involvement in our proposed collaborative research programmes.