On line AMRI Workshops

During the pandemic, we are organising on-line events, which still bring together our community. 

Please see the links below to catch up with these events:


Wednesday 9 June 2021; 18.30 -20.30 China time; 11.30 - 13.30 UK time

The Programme is here.

The link to the video of the full event is here.

Our First ON-LINE RESEARCH WORKSHOP:  Wednesday 27 January 2021, 18.00-20.00 China time;  10am-12 noon UK time

See the programme here!

Individual video files for the meeting are linked here:

Welcome from Chinese and UK sites

Keynote 1  Canhui Lu - Solid state shear milling (S3M) 

Tech 1  Brian Thomson - Shape memory polymers

Tech 2 Steve Rimmer - functionalised PUs

Tech 3 Ben Whiteside - Precision feature micromoulding

Keynote 2  Yongfeng Men - Controlling stress-whitening 

Here is the video file (mp4) of the full meeting (2 hours):